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Inbound Marketing ROI Calculator

Discover the Impact Inbound Marketing Can Have On Your Business

Enter Your Monthly Numbers Below


Results Speaks Louder Than Words 

Give us just two numbers and we can give you an idea of the kind of growth you can expect with an inbound campaign with SMS!

First, how many visitors does your website average each month? Most content management systems have these stats, but you could also get this number through a Google Analytics account. If all else fails, ask your IT admin.

Next, what is your Monthly Average Customer Revenue? We understand that every customer is different. That's why this number really should be an average. One way to reach this number is to take your total annual revenue, divide it by the number of current customers you have, and then divide that by 12 months. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not collect or save this data in any way, shape or form. The data requested is the minimum required in order to make our ROI calculations.

Give it a shot!

How The Results Are Calculated:

We assume a few different averages that are proven in our industry.

First, we assume a visitor to lead conversion ratio of 1% to 4% depending on which inbound package you choose. The better the content, the better the conversions!

From there, we assume lead multiplier anywhere from 1.1X to 10X, depending on which package you choose. The more you invest, the faster we will be able to multiply leads.

We also assume that your sales team or distribution network will close 20% of those leads into customers.

Finally, based on your monthly average customer revenue, we can determine an approzimate net return by assuming a 30% profit margin.

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