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A Step-by-Step eCommerce Guide

In this guide you'll learn how to...

  • Choose the right platform
  • Put together a team of great people
  • Develop your catalog and website structure
  • Collect product content
  • Get images and additional resources
  • Upload content to the site
  • Design a website skin and create pages
  • Create a secure checkout process
  • Know when you're ready to go live
  • Drive traffic to the website

Excerpt from the eCommerce eBook:

Let’s face it. If you build it, will they really come? That’s the question every industrial supplier and distributor needs to answer for themselves when they approach a website project. Whether it’s a redesign from a 90s-style, “brochure” website or launching a new one altogether, the foundation of your website’s effectiveness is the platform on which you build it. It’s functionality and design, and the eventual sales it produces, all starts from this ground floor and works its way up. The better question to ask is, can we build it well enough so that they’ll come, and buy, and then continue to reorder with us?.

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